Maurizio Botta Guest of Honour at the Evening for Science and Society 2016

Maurizio Botta, LDS CEO, was invited to the annual Evening for Science and Society in the Netherlands.

He was personally welcomed by the Secretary of State for Education as the special guest of the event. Every year the event hosts the prestigious Huibregtsen Award for the best academic scientist of the Netherlands during an impressive gala diner in the medieval Hall of the Knights, the official throne hall of the governmental see of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The event promotes the interaction between science and society by inviting a selection of some of the most important academic scientist of the Netherlands and mixing them up with political decision makers, captains of industry and representatives of important institutions.

Maurizio Botta was honoured to participate and to be at the table with some of the key people involved in the First Health group, which actually sponsors the research on DDX3 inhibitors also involving LDS.

On the group photo above we see Prof. Maurizio Botta next to Mickey Huibregtsen (L), the president of the First Health United Foundation and Maurice de Hond (R), who together with Huibregtsen is a board member of both the First Health United Foundation, as well as the First Health Capital investment fund. On the far left and right we see Alessia Tarditi, the scientific director-, and Jan Willem Bakker, the general manager of First Health Pharmaceuticals.

The Huibregtsen Award of 2016 went to Prof. Dr. Ronald Hanson for his groundbreaking research in quantum physics, where he investigated the capabilities of particles to communicate at distance. On behalf of Mickey Huibregtsen himself and Professor Maurizio Botta we congratulate Professor Hanson with his admirable achievements.